Navigating the Maze Ahead for Your Child with DME

Every single child, parent, carer, family, professional, school and situation is different. This gives a rich tapestry of views and perspectives you will encounter with and [...]

Making a Great Start with New Parents/Carers

This blog explores how schools can develop supportive, constructive partnerships with parents and carers to benefit their children. Schools and colleges are busy places with many [...]

Bullying and Children with High Learning Potential by CBT Therapist, Tony Freeman

In 15 years of treating gifted children (also known as children with high learning potential / high ability / more able), I have seen the unique [...]

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Being an Equal Partner with Your DME Child’s School

In the past, parents and carers were told what was going to happen to their child in school. Then they were consulted. Then there was parental [...]

Worrying Times – A Resource Round-Up for Real-World Anxieties

In these worrying and unpredictable times, many of our children and young people are, sadly, struggling to cope. The years usually set aside for pre-school socialising, [...]

The DME Trust has Launched!

Support without Limits Potential Plus UK, in collaboration with nasen, the National Association for Special Educational Needs, has established The [...]

Choosing A School For Your High Potential Learner

Each child is different and one size will most definitely not fit all. The suggestions below are for parents and carers to consider, decide what is [...]

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High Learning Potential Provision Inquiry: How to Drive Improvement Collaboratively and Sustainably

 Don’t just keep weighing the pig! Ensuring young people with high potential thrive academically and socially Why is it so important for leaders to know what [...]

Managing the Momentous Meltdowns of Children with High Learning Potential

From the Archive This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2013 print edition of Focus on Potential You are in the supermarket doing your weekly [...]

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