Potential Spotter

Many parents wonder about their child’s special abilities and how they can support them. You may have questions like: How advanced is my child? How does their intelligence compare with their academic abilities? What about other areas like creativity and motivation? How can I support my child’s talents and abilities?  These questions and more can be answered by the Potential Plus UK Potential Spotter.

What is the Potential Spotter?

The Potential Spotter is based on the Gifted Ratings Scales (GRS), a proven norm-referenced tool that provides the foundation for robust results from the questionnaires. It gathers your personal knowledge (with optional teacher input), through an easy, but scientific and detailed, questionnaire. The results from this questionnaire are interpreted to create a profile of your unique child. A description of their individual profile is then combined with relevant background information and with tailored advice about how to best support them.

Potential Spotter investigates your child’s abilities in core areas that have been shown to indicate high learning potential. These are:

  • Intellectual Ability
  • Academic Achievement
  • Creativity
  • Artistic Talent
  • (for ages 7+) Leadership

Motivation is explored separately and delves into your child’s energy to achieve.

What Do Parents Receive from the Potential Spotter?

The Potential Spotter report breaks down the probability of your child having high learning potential across various key skills, as well as investigating their level of motivation to ‘keep going’. From all of this, we create a personalised and easily understandable Potential Spotter report which describes their individual profile and offers tailored advice about how to best support them.

Purchasing Potential Spotter

Cost: £72.00

Please select the right report for your child based on their chronological age.

Once you have purchased the Potential Spotter, you will receive a questionnaire to complete. The completed form should be returned to amazing.children@potentialplusuk.org  so that we can compile your individualised report. The report will take 7-10 days to prepare.

Example Pages

Example graphs and text from overall results in Potential Spotter
Example Creativity Page from Potential Spotter
Example Page from Potential Spotter

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