What Does School Membership Offer?

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Potential Plus UK uses the terms ‘high learning potential’ (HLP) and ‘high potential learners’, as these better represent the process of nurturing the strengths and abilities of these young people whilst reminding them that success requires sustained effort –  that they are not a finished product. Your school may be using a different term such as ‘gifted and talented’, ‘more able’ or ‘most able’.

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Leading a whole school, subject or Key Stage strategy to improve provision and outcomes for learners with high potential can be a daunting prospect, particularly with so much else going on in schools. However, providing effectively for this group raises achievement for all by enhancing teachers’ skills, building effective partnerships with parents and creating the climate for everyone to thrive.

Potential Plus UK provides support, expertise and resources to improve academic, social and emotional outcomes for high potential learners, with access to experts who provide guidance and advice on all aspects of provision. School membership supports in a number of ways and can offer bespoke help if required.

For the High Learning Potential Lead and/or Senior Leadership Team

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  • The latest research and reports on high learning potential, including disadvantaged high potential learners
  • Information and resources to support learners who also have special educational needs
  • Advice sheets on a variety of issues, e.g. rethinking assessment, leading a high learning potential strategy, identification
  • Half-termly Focus on Potential e-magazine signposting opportunities and events for the school community
  • Regular blogs on aspects of high learning potential
  • Discussion forum
  • Advice on identification from early years to Post-16
  • A model high learning potential school policy to adapt
  • The Potential Plus UK membership logo to use on communications plus a certificate to display.
  • A wide range of teaching resources developed by high performing schools
  • Subject-specific identification factsheets
  • A range of free advice sheets, e.g., handwriting, friendship issues, tackling underachievement
  • Half-termly Focus on Potential e-magazine signposting opportunities and events for the school community
  • Discussion forums
  • Workshops and resources to support learners with a special educational need in addition to high learning potential (known as dual or multiple exceptionality)
  • A series of paid-for well-regarded workshops – in person or online
  • Free webinars led by practitioners in schools
  • Regular blogs on aspects of high learning potential teaching
  • Competitions, talks and workshops for learners

For Teachers and Pastoral Teams

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For Parents at the School

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  • Free Associate Membership
  • Blogs on key topics, e.g. living with teenagers with high learning potential
  • Members’ area and e-resources (including free downloadable advice sheets on subjects like dealing with perfectionism or parenting a child with high learning potential; and activity packs for children)
  • Monthly Focus on Potential e-magazine signposting opportunities, events and information for families
  • A range of low-cost or free online events for young people e.g. maths challenges, science, writing or drawing workshops
  • A variety of free online meetups looking at issues identified by parents
  • Access to a range of national and regional in-person events
  • A range of online or in-school parent workshops which are consistently rated as excellent
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For Governors

  • Associate Membership
  • Workshops

Examples of Some of What is on Offer

Teacher's Advice Sheet


Professional Learning Webinars

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Parents' Advice Sheet


To Find out more about How to Become a Member and about School Membership Costs see:

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Become a Member

Families benefit from access to our advice line, the Members’ Area, our electronic resources, discounted events and our Focus newsletter.

Schools benefit from access to our advice line, online resources, members area, newsletter, workshops, webinars-on-demand, and associate family membership for their parents.