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Supporting Children with High Learning Potential

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Supporting Families

Helping you to nurture your child with high learning potential

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Supporting Schools

Inspiring, motivating and challenging more able students

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Supporting Children

Resources for children, including activity booklets and advice sheets

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Lily-Mae's Story

Lily-Mae is 4 ½. Her reading age is 9, her favourite shape is a dodecagon and she thinks the periodic table is cool. However, she struggles with her fine motor skills and is having difficulty learning to write, which is leading to frustration, anger and behavioural difficulties at school. Read More

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10 Key Factors in Educating Young People with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality (DME)

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 Don’t just keep weighing the pig! Ensuring young people with high potential thrive academically and socially Why is it so important for leaders to know what [...]

Don’t Touch Me! How to Help THAT Child who Struggles with Touch Sensitivity in the Classroom by Mariza Ferreira

In this occasional series by Paediatric Occupational Therapist Mariza Ferreira, we consider some of the sensory, motor coordination and emotional regulatory issues which could be affecting [...]

Identifying and Supporting Learners with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality (DME)

Dual or multiple exceptionality is the term used to describe someone who has both high ability (high learning potential / gifted / more able) and some [...]

vPlus Festival 2021 – Family Quiz Night with Bobby Seagull

Pit your wits in this family quiz from TV personality, maths educator and ambassador to Potential Plus UK, Bobby Seagull. Bobby hosted this quiz on YouTube, [...]

Potential Plus UK Assessments – FAQs

When it comes to families considering a Potential Plus UK assessment for high learning potential, there are always questions that will pop up. We know that [...]

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