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Supporting Children with High Learning Potential

Mother and child sharing an activity at the PPUK Be Curious Weekend, 2019

Supporting Families

Helping you to nurture your child with high learning potential

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Children sitting working at a table Potential Plus UK's BIG Family Weekend, 2019

Supporting Schools

Inspiring, motivating and challenging more able students

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Supporting Children

Resources for children, including activity booklets and advice sheets

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Lily-Mae's Story

Lily-Mae is 4 ½. Her reading age is 9, her favourite shape is a dodecagon and she thinks the periodic table is cool. However, she struggles with her fine motor skills and is having difficulty learning to write, which is leading to frustration, anger and behavioural difficulties at school. Read More

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What to Say About Their High Learning Potential

Describing Your Child’s Abilities to Others, Their School – and Themselves! For some reason, it can be particularly uncomfortable to talk about your own child’s strengths, [...]

Review Time – The Summer Reading Challenge 2021!

It’s review time for the Summer Reading Challenge 2021! Each year, we ask our members to read and review five books for us that they have [...]

Ofsted Update – What Schools Need to Know About High Learning Potential

This blog complements a free webinar video of the same name which is available to school members in the Best Practice Sharing Group. Recent changes to [...]

When Struggling is a Good Thing

From the Archive This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2012 print edition of Focus on Potential What does it take to reach your potential?  The [...]

Johanna Raffan MBE – Obituary

Potential Plus UK was saddened to hear of the death of Johanna Raffan MBE of a stroke on June 15th, 2021. Johanna was a founding member […]

Building Friendships – Finding Friends When You Have High Learning Potential

When it comes to friendships, children aren’t really that different to us as adults; they are more likely to be drawn towards those with whom they […]

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