Welcome to Potential Plus UK

Three young boys working together on an experiment

Potential Plus UK is an independent charity that has been working with families and schools for the benefit of young people with high learning potential, aged 18 and under, since we were established in 1967.

Throughout the years we have engaged in delivering advice and advocacy services, engagement and inclusion work. With a dedicated staff team and engaged trustees, we operate flexibly to meet the needs of parents, teachers and the young people they support.

Based on our expertise through experience, research and best practice we offer a range of service options to enable parents and teachers to understand, advocate for and improve provision for young people with high learning potential.

Young people with high learning potential exist across all sections of society, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or class and we work hard to provide services at low cost or fully funded whenever possible.  We plan and co-design services and communications with, and for, our diverse community to best meet their wide range of needs.

We subscribe to Pfeiffer’s Tripartite Model of Giftedness in our identification of children with high learning potential, which chimes well with the inclusive practice favoured in the United Kingdom and recognises that children have varying levels of opportunity and support to enable them to demonstrate their potential. We consider high learning potential through the lenses of high intelligence, outstanding accomplishments and the potential to excel. However, we do not have any prerequisites for membership or support.

Our Vision

Every young person with high learning potential, aged 18 and under, receives appropriate support and challenge to secure well-being and high attainment with the skills, resilience and confidence to succeed at every stage of their development.

Our Mission

Discover, Nurture, Succeed
Our mission is to discover young people’s potential, nurture their gifts and talents, and support them to succeed and thrive with confidence.

Our Values

  • Fairness – We treat all stakeholders fairly; we do not do something for one that we are not prepared to do for all in similar circumstances.
  • Accessibility and Affordability – We are measured in our charging, provide financial support and accessibility where needed.
  • Continuous Improvement – We monitor, evaluate and apply what we learn in order to improve services and practices.
  • Advice is Research and Experience-Based – We keep up-to-date with developments and best practice, which forms the basis of our information, advice and guidance.
  • Responsive to Rights and Needs of Individuals – We understand that everyone is unique; we provide support that is tailored to the individual.

Our Beliefs – at Potential Plus UK we believe in:

  • Positive, lifelong learning for all, encompassing an appropriate, ambitious and equally challenging education for every young person including those with high learning potential (HLP) and those with dual or multiple exceptionality (DME).
  • A rights-based approach, ensuring young people and their parents know and understand their rights, which are based on national and international standards and laws.
  • Acknowledging the strengths of every individual by supporting the identification and nurturing of potential of every young person with HLP and DME.
  • Supporting every young person with HLP/DME, aged 18 and under, and their families to ensure needs are met.
  • The importance of constructive partnerships that serve the best interests of young people with HLP and DME.
  • The value of young people, parents and schools as full partners in the learner’s education; developing skills and confidence to enable them to play this equal role.
  • The importance of raising awareness about and advocating for the needs of young people with HLP and DME and their families.
  • Retaining our independent voice representing young people with HLP and DME and their families.
  • The value of the lived experience of those leading and advocating for young people with HLP and DME and their families.
  • Working positively with professionals to meet the needs of young people with HLP and DME.
  • Fully recognising the link between the educational needs and social and emotional needs of  young people with HLP and DME and supporting the whole person holistically.
  • The significance of young people with HLP and DME developing their self-understanding and the importance of overcoming barriers to reach their potential.
  • The importance of celebrating the potential of our young people with HLP and DME .

Understanding the needs of these high potential learners and ensuring their learning is encouraged and stimulated at both home and school is vital and is where Potential Plus UK can help. We strive to give them the resilience and support needed to meet their social and emotional needs so that they can develop to their maximum.

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