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Terms like high learning potential / gifted / talented / more able / most able / bright / intensely curious are used to describe children whose high thinking abilities can affect their lives and those of their family.

A common misconception is that “bright/gifted children” don’t need help. They “always get the top marks”, they “don’t struggle to understand things”, they can be “left to themselves to do things as they will succeed anyway”. While some children or young people with high learning potential do cope brilliantly with their gifts and develop their potential with the support of family, friends and school, for others it can be a struggle to cope, while their intelligence masks their genuine need for help.

Potential Plus UK  believes that children and young adults of all ages and abilities, including those with high learning potential, should be given the best chance to succeed in life and to fulfil that potential.

Discover how we support children and young people, their families and their schools in these family stories

He’s Not a Bad Kid, Just Misunderstood: Ben’s Story

When a teacher says they have never, in 25 years of teaching, met such a stubborn child, you know that you are in for an interesting [...]

How to Survive a High Learning Potential Christmas

We recently received a message from a parent who is worried about Christmas for her six-year-old son. "I am dreading this Christmas. My 6-year-old son, *Oliver, [...]

Charlie’s Story – An Outsider at 2 Years Old

At 2 years old, Charlie* already appears to be an outsider. His father contacted us to find out how he could support his bright child. “I [...]

Transfer from Primary School to Home Education – A Mother’s Perspective

From the Archive This article originally appeared in the Spring 2009 print edition of NAGC Magazine. Resources have been updated February 2023. Hi, my name is [...]

Arjun’s Story – “I Don’t Know!”

Arjun's Story Arjun is a bright child but lacks confidence in his abilities, is a perfectionist, hates to be put on the spot and to be [...]

Lily-Mae’s Story – Bright but Struggling

Lily-Mae's Story Lily-Mae* is a bright, curious, happy, confident child who is struggling at school. Discover more about her frustrations with handwriting and asynchronous development. Lily-Mae [...]

Maddy’s Story – “I Want to Be Normal!”

Maddy's Story Maddy* was a happy, confident toddler with a fantastic imagination. She was curious about everything and afraid of nothing. When Maddy’s interest was sparked, [...]

Ryan’s Story – From Daydreaming Delinquent to Lifelong Learner

Steve Ramsden, Chair of our Trustees, recently came across the inspiring story of Ryan* in our archives. Here he shares the positive story of how Ryan’s [...]


This blog is written by Lee Collins, an Ambassador for Potential Plus UK. He talks honestly here, as a former child with high learning potential, about […]

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