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Three young boys working together on an experiment

Children’s Activities

Maths, Science, Creativity, Science… and ‘It’s Alright to Be Bright’ lesson plans – fun themed activity booklets to encourage deeper thinking skills. Members can access our Activity booklets for free by logging into the Member’s area, activity booklets are available to non-members for a small fee.

Three young teenagers working together on a project

Empowering Young People Projects

The Empowering Young People (EYP) programme is currently under way for ages 13+. Through it we are developing provision for young people with the advice and participation of young people with high learning potential themselves. Read more about our projects.

Open book on desk with letters magically springing out of the pages

Learning Resources

Looking for Learning Resources? Inspiration to keep going because your child with high learning potential will always keep going? Discover some of the resources available from Potential Plus UK and on the internet.

Millie Bobby Brown

Inspirational Figures

Who do you consider to be inspirational? From actors who are dual or multiple exceptional like Millie Bobbie Brown (above) and Daniel Radcliffe,  to forgotten scientists and inventors, like Lise Meitner or Charles Drew, discover some of the figures who inspire today.

Miranda and her finished Radiant Rainbow experiment

STEM – Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering

Want some great ideas for young scientists and inventors or some challenge for mathematicians. Visit some of the blogs in our STEM category.

Child sitting in a doorway with hands over her face


Anxiety, Sensory issues, Bullying, Confidence, Perfectionism, Friendships, Failure – discover information on how to support children with high learning potential through these and other common issues which affect their wellbeing.

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