Professional Learning for Teachers and School Leaders

Potential Plus UK provides high quality professional learning for teachers and school leaders. Our training is evidence and experience based, delivered by certified professionals and uses an interactive style. Sessions can be twilight, half day or full day.

We receive consistently high feedback from those attending our professional development workshops with an average of 85% Very Good or Excellent feedback.

Professional learning has the most impact when it is delivered as part of a targeted programme of initiatives. Our sessions can be used to kick off an initiative, to be a contribution as part of an initiative, or in conjunction with a learning community or mentoring. We are also please to offer co-delivery as an option (more information about learning communities, mentoring and co-delivery in the full information).

Our most popular professional development sessions for teachers are listed below. For the full list of workshops for teachers as well as those for school leaders please click here.

Teaching High Potential Learners Overview

  • Includes:
    • Education needs
    • Learning and teaching strategies
    • Planning
    • Developing skills
    • Social and emotional needs and care
  • Half-day to full-day session

Knowing the High Potential Learners in Your Classroom

  • Includes:
    • Identification
    • Education needs
    • Social and emotional needs
  • Twilight to half-day session

Learning and Teaching Strategies for High Potential Learners

  • Includes:
    • Higher order thinking skills
    • Questioning for challenge
    • Problem solving
    • Project-based learning
    • Interdisciplinarity
    • Encouraging resilience
    • Reflection
  • Twilight to half-day session

Questioning for Challenge

  • Includes:
    • How effective teachers use questioning
    • Questioning to engage and promote thinking
    • Convergent and divergent thinking questions
    • Questioning to promote curiosity
    • Classroom questioning strategies
    • Incorporating questions into planning
  • Twilight to half-day session

Planning for Challenge

  • Includes:
    • Challenging high potential learners in the classroom
    • Divergent and critical thinking
    • Summarising and prioritising
    • Planning a lesson to differentiate for high potential learners
  • Twilight to half-day session

Differentiation for High Potential Learners

  • Includes:
    • The challenge that high potential learners need in the classroom
    • Explore common classroom strategies and adapt them to better meet needs
    • Trial sample classroom activities to take away
    • Design own differentiated classroom activities
  • Twilight to half-day session

Higher Order Thinking Skills for Challenge

  • Includes:
    • What critical thinking, creative thinking and curiosity are
    • Why they are important
    • How they develop in children
    • How they can be developed in the classroom
      • Critical thinking skills
      • Creative thinking skills
      • Developing curiosity
  • Twilight to half-day session

For the full list of workshops for teachers
as well as those for school leaders
please click here.

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