Keeping the Challenge High During Remote Learning by Joy Morgan

Stretching high potential learners is a major challenge for teachers, alongside getting to grips with the technology and skills needed for remote learning which, like everything [...]

The vPlus Community Project – Three Favourite Moments

Since October 2020, temporary funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund, has enabled Potential Plus UK to offer a [...]

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Fabulous Fascination Folders to Challenge Learners

Fascination Folders, a place where students can access more information and challenging activities about a topic, can be used in the classroom or electronically during remote [...]

Christmas Fractals

Fractals are geometric figures with “self-simularity” - irregular geometric shapes that repeat the irregularity no matter the scale at which you look at them. It is [...]

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 – The Reviews

It’s time for the Summer Reading Challenge 2020 Reviews! Each year, we ask our members to read and review five books for us that they have [...]

Using Visual Arts to Foster Creative Thinking Skills

“A drawing is the three-way relationship between substance, surface and body. It activates the relationships between the eye and the hand, the hand and the tool, [...]

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Super STEM Spin Doctor?

You’ve probably heard the joke “What did Watson and Crick discover? Rosalind Franklin’s notes.”? Well, at the risk of party-pooperdom by picking apart a brilliant one-liner, [...]

2020 Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is Back! Potential Plus UK's Summer Reading Challenge is open to everyone aged 18 and under and is about going that bit [...]

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