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Help Potential Plus UK support children with high learning potential, their families and schools

Children with high learning potential/gifted/more able are often isolated by their abilities. At 6 years old, a child may be capable of tackling the academic work of a 9-year-old but have the emotional maturity of a 4-year-old. It can be difficult to make friends and many spend every day at school feeling bored, anxious, frustrated or angry which can mean ending up in trouble. 

For more than 50 years Potential Plus UK has been here to help those who struggle. Help us to support them as they face life’s challenges, just as we supported the children below. Their names have been changed to protect their privacy but these are real children. 

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Lily-Mae is 4 ½. Her reading age is 9, her favourite shape is a dodecagon and she thinks the periodic table is cool. However, she struggles with her fine motor skills and is having difficulty learning to write, which is leading to frustration, anger and behaviour difficulties at school.

£36 would pay for a telephone call for Lily-Mae’s mum to discuss asynchronous development and handwriting difficulties with an educational adviser

Sponsor a phone call with an education advisor


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Six-year-old Arjun loves his activities, including trampolining, Beavers, drawing comic strips and reading the Beano.  Recognised as having high learning potential  Arjun himself is totally lacking in confidence in his abilities, and runs away from challenge.

£60 would give Arjun’s parents unlimited access to telephone advice and all online resources for one year.

Sponsor a year’s advice calls and resources


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