Assessments for Children

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If you would like to book any of our assessments, please telephone Potential Plus UK on 01908 646433.

Potential Plus UK is often contacted by parents wanting to understand their child’s learning profile in order to be able to support their educational, social and emotional needs.

As an organisation whose ethos is based on supporting the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential, we place importance on developing resilience and a positive attitude to the life-long process of discovering and developing new skills, talents and abilities. We want children to feel excited and eager to continue on their life-long journey of thriving on learning, welcoming new experiences and seeking new challenges.

To empower parents to support their children, we offer several assessments that give recommendations based on the child’s unique profile.

For eligible Family Plus members who may have difficulty covering the full cost of an assessment we offer a subsidised rate through our Scholarship Fund

Safely Running Assessments During Covid-19

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Assessment Service Manager, Andrea Anguera, in a Potential Plus UK Assessment Room

Understanding a child’s learning profile offers a great way to be able to support their educational, social and emotional needs. Our in-person assessments of high learning potential are available with Covid-19 measures to ensure safety. Please see the relevant pages for more information about the individual assessments. Call 01908 646433 to book an in-person assessment (Assessment Plus) or a remote assessment (Assessment Essentials).

High Learning Potential Assessments

Understanding the Difference between the High Learning Potential
Family Plus or Essentials Assessments

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High Learning Potential Assessment Essentials

The High Learning Potential Assessment Essentials is an online assessment for children aged 6+, undertaken remotely with a qualified assessor. Taking 2 hours to complete, it offers information about a child’s current strengths and weaknesses, providing key information about a child’s IQ, academic skills, processing speed, self-regulation in learning and sensory processing. Recommendations are provided for home and school support. Add-on reports can be requested when appropriate.

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High Learning Potential Assessment Plus

The High Learning Potential Assessment Plus is a comprehensive in-person assessment for children aged 41/2 and above. Taking 4 to 5 hours, it covers IQ, academic achievement, working memory, processing speed, phonological skills and sensory processing. A report for school can be requested and there are various add-on options of an in-depth sensory profiles, handwriting profiles or  emotional and social profiles.

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Early Years Assessment of Potential

This service is for ages 3 to 4 years to enable parents to understand the abilities of their children and how to support them. The assessment consists of recognised tests of language understanding, hand-eye co-ordination and sensory processing, as well as more informal play sessions.

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Emotional and Social Profile

An Emotional and Social Profile investigates a child’s development in areas of emotional intelligence and provides an action plan to support them for their parents and, if relevant, their school. This service is available for children aged 7 to 16.


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Potential Spotter

Based on the Gifted Rating Scales, the Potential Spotter gathers your personal knowledge (with optional teacher input), through an easy, but scientific and detailed, questionnaire. The results from this questionnaire are interpreted to create a profile of your unique child. A description of their individual profile is then combined with relevant background information and with tailored advice about how to best support them.

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Scholarship Fund

Potential Plus UK fundraises to support families who struggle to afford to pay for the most appropriate opportunities for their high learning potential children.  The fund is available for Family Plus Members who are on a low income to help pay for assessments.


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