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Graphic showing impact figures for 2021-2022 for Potential Plus UK

The National Association for Gifted Children, now known as Potential Plus UK, has been supporting children with high learning potential, aged 18 and under, since 1967.  We are an independent charity working with children, families, schools and organisations,  helping young people to receive appropriate support and challenge to secure their well-being, nurture their gifts and talents, develop resilience and confidence so that they succeed and thrive at every stage of their development.

While we prefer the term ‘high learning potential’, children with these abilities are often also known as ‘gifted and talented’, ‘more/most able’, ‘highly able’, ‘high prior attainers’, ‘working at greater depth’ and ‘working beyond age-related expectations’, while those who combine high ability and some form of special educational need or neurodiversity are often described as having ‘dual or multiple exceptionality’ -DME – (also known as twice exceptional – 2e – in other countries in the world).

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