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Parent Advice Sheets  – Alphabetical Index

Potential Plus UK has a wide selection of advice sheets both free and paid covering many of the issues likely to face parents and carers of a child with high learning potential. Find links on our Alphabetical Index.

Family members: Log into the members area – visit the Family Member Resources Page – download our family and children’s advice sheets and activity packs from there free of charge.

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Parent Advice Sheets – Free

Available to download for free for members and non-members, our general advice sheets cover subjects like: What is High Learning Potential? Are there Characteristics? Dual or Multiple Exceptionality (high learning potential and special educational needs or disability), and Early Years and High Learning Potential. These free advice sheets also offer reading lists for children from early years to KS2 and an information sheet on grants and scholarships.

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Parent Advice Sheets – By Topic

Browse Potential Plus UK’s wide selection of advice sheets for parents, available for non members to purchase and download via our shop (family members log into the members area to download for free). The following topic areas are covered: Assessments and Professionals Advice SheetsDeveloping Skills Advice SheetsEducation Advice SheetsGeneral Advice Sheets (Free) |High Learning Potential and Subject Areas  – Advice Sheets |Social and Emotional Issues – Advice SheetsSupporting Children with High Learning Potential – Advice Sheets

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Activity Booklets

A range of free and paid activity booklets for bright children in KS1, KS2 or KS3 from Potential Plus UK to challenge and entertain children with high learning potential. Family and School Members should log into the members area and visit the Activities for Children page to download Activity packs for free. Non members can download Activity Packs for a small fee from our shop. The “It’s Alright to Be Bright” Campaign Booklets (2008-2015) are available to download for free via the shop.

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Learning Resources

Visit our Learning Resources page to find links to specific resources from Potential Plus UK and resource links to other useful sites on the internet for bright children.


Focus on Potential Blogs

Potential Plus UK has a wealth of information around supporting children with high learning potential available to read for free on our website.

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School Advice Sheets – By Topic

Potential Plus UK’s advice sheets for schools offer information about good practice regarding children with high learning potential. These advice sheets help schools and academies to better understand the needs of their high potential learners and to provide well for them academically, socially and emotionally.

Schools Members: log into the members area and visit the School Member Resources page to download advice sheets written for schools, families and children and our activity packs. Non members can purchase advice sheets and activity packs via the shop.

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Potential Plus UK Publications and Reports

Potential Plus has a number of publications and reports that they have authored or co-authored that are available to help support and inform you about children with high learning potential and their issues. These include our  50th anniversary Challenges booklet, Being Me booklet on bullying and our Guide to High Learning Potential written to share with schools.

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