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Potential Plus UK has a wide selection of advice sheets covering many of the issues likely to face parents and carers of a child with high learning potential.

Family members can access all of our family and children’s advice sheets and download them free of charge by logging into the members area and visiting the Family Member Resources page. Non-members can download a selection of General Advice Sheets for free and other advice sheets are available to purchase and download at £3.60 each.

See our Parent Advice Sheets Page  for more advice sheets on subjects such as: assessments, education and social and emotional issues. For a quick way to identify our parent advice sheets visit the Parent Advice Sheets – Alphabetical Index

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PA701, Developing Creative Thinking Skills

Creativity can be increased by understanding how ideas occur and using techniques to stretch or change perception as any other skill it can be improved with practice. This advice sheet is aimed at parents of high learning potential children to support them in developing creative thinking skills.

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PA702 – Developing Critical Thinking Skills

We receive most of our information second hand. How can we tell the difference between facts and someone else’s opinion? How can we recognise other people’s assumptions in the information we are given? How can we spot the flaws in others’ arguments? Critical thinking helps us to do this. It teaches us to think in a coherent and logical way, with a balanced approach. This advice sheet gives parents ideas to help improve their children’s critical thinking skills and useful resources and websites.

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PA704 – Developing Research and Revision Skills

This advice sheet is for the parents and carers of children with high learning potential. It provides practical ways for them to help their children to develop essential skills that will be of use to them in their education.

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PA705 – Developing Leadership Skills

Leadership is a skillset that we learn from a young age and continue to develop into adulthood. Leadership skills are used every day, whether in meeting with friends, working on a project at work or at home, or spending time with your children. A lack of leadership skills can cause you to have less presence in group settings, struggle to work with others and be less likely to pursue ideas and aspirations. Developing leadership skills is not something that you can do through theory alone, and practice rarely makes perfect. The best way to learn is to expose yourself to situations outside of your comfort zone and to learn from your mistakes. The best leaders admit their mistakes and are not perfectionists. This advice sheet explores the concept of leadership skills and suggests ways to help children to develop them and find their leader’s voice.

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