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Potential Plus UK has a wide selection of advice sheets covering many of the issues likely to face parents and carers of a child with high learning potential.

Family members can access all of our family and children’s advice sheets and download them free of charge by logging into the members area and visiting the Family Member Resources page. Non-members can download a selection of General Advice Sheets for free and other advice sheets are available to purchase and download at £3.60 each. For a quick way to identify our family advice sheets visit the Parent Advice Sheets – Alphabetical Index

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General Advice Sheets

Available to download for free, our general advice sheets cover subjects like: What is High Learning Potential? Are there Characteristics?  Dual or Multiple Exceptionality (high learning potential and special educational needs or disability), and Early Years and High Learning Potential. These free advice sheets also offer reading lists for children from early years to KS2 and an information sheet on grants and scholarships.

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Assessments and Professionals Advice Sheets

Advice sheets providing information on intelligence assessments currently administered in the UK and a guide for parents who are interested in having their child assessed by an educational psychologist.

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Education Advice Sheets

Whether you are considering home schooling, flexi-schooling, working in partnership with schools, looking at acceleration, dealing with handwriting difficulties, or discovering how to use thinking skills, these are just a few of the topics covered by our education advice sheets.

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High Learning Potential and Subject Areas  – Advice Sheets

Many children and young people have a particular strength in one or more subject areas. Our advice sheets on high learning potential demonstrated in English and Maths help parents and carers discover more about how to support a child in these subject areas.

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Supporting Children with High Learning Potential – Advice Sheets

How do you parent a child with high learning potential? Find out how inspire them, support them, work with their particular profiles, behaviour, strengths and weaknesses, in this set of advice sheets.

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Social and Emotional Issues – Advice Sheets

Is your child struggling with issues such as perfectionism, sleep, worry and anxiety, overexcitability or friendship problems? These advice sheets help address emotional and social issues.

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Developing Skills Advice Sheets

Critical or creative thinking, research and revision, leadership, these are all skills that children with high learning potential need to develop. Find out more in our developing skills advice sheets.

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