Education – Rethinking the Assessment System by Joy Morgan

Assessment is due a rethink. Our young people deserve an assessment system that goes way beyond focusing solely on academic achievement with a constant eye on [...]

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Critical Thinking Skills – a Detective Flair, from Arts to Sciences

How to Cultivate Good Judgement in Academic Work and Daily Life ‘Critical thinking’ means to ‘positively critique’; to successfully judge between fact and opinion, draw reasonable [...]

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Creative Thinking Skills: Activities for Arts to Sciences

How to Support Innovative Young Mathematicians, Artists, Writers and Scientists How can you possibly stimulate the mind of a young person who not only has high [...]

Creativity of Thought

Creative thinking, concerning the innovation of new ideas and the ability to think about things in new ways, whilst sometimes seen as a welcome yet mysterious [...]

Executive Function Skills – Simplifying a Young, High Potential Learner’s ‘Thinking’ and ‘Doing’

Introducing the executive function processes that allow the brain to plan, adapt and multitask 'like an air traffic controller'. What Are Executive Function Skills? Executive function [...]

Supporting a Child in the Five Areas of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. Its development is distinct from the development of academic [...]

Emotional Intelligence and High Learning Potential

Whilst there is a common acceptance of the importance of academic aptitude when it comes to life chances, it is by no means the only kind [...]

Using Visual Arts to Foster Creative Thinking Skills

“A drawing is the three-way relationship between substance, surface and body. It activates the relationships between the eye and the hand, the hand and the tool, [...]

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