Tips for Supporting Revision – A Parent’s Guide by Joy Morgan

Practice Matters Athletes don’t just train the day before, actors don’t just rehearse the day before filming/a play. 1 hour a day for 8 days is [...]

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Looking after your Mental Health in 2020 by Neera Dhingra, Parliament Hill School

Looking after our mental health, and the mental health of those around us, is more important than ever in 2020, as we live through tricky times [...]

Home Education – May 2020 – by Michael Speranza

Michael is running a vPlus Parent Workshop on Home Education on Wednesday 27th May 8-9pm.  To find out more about the workshop visit:vPlus Parents - Home [...]

Flexi-Cat Diaries: An Accidentally All-The-Rage Special

When Flexi Schooling became Mainstream…Maybe…? Slightly Mad Mummy - In Slightly More Serious Mode! It goes entirely without saying that it has been, and still is, [...]

Coping in the Covid Classroom

In these unprecedented times, convention is going out of the window quicker than you can say defenestration. One of those conventions is school. This is an [...]

HLP Parenting: “Can’t Cope?” – Try Nurturing A Growth Mindset

We all sometimes wail “I CAN’T cope!”, “I am at the END of my patience!”, or “I AM A FAILURE in the face of a child [...]

HLP Parenting: Sleep Deprivation in Parents

A high proportion of High Learning Potential (HLP) children experience unusual sleep patterns. These can include insomnia, active dreams, sleep talking, sleep walking, frequent waking or [...]

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