Arjun’s Story – “I Don’t Know!”

Arjun is a bright child but lacks confidence in his abilities, is a perfectionist, hates to be put on the spot and to [...]

Setting ‘Copycat Kids’ the Right Example! How to be a Role Model and Coach Constructive Reactions

What happens when your team loses? The rain falls? Or you can’t find your glasses or keys? Do you shout and throw your hands in the [...]

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I’m Bad At Maths . . . No Big Deal Right? by Prof. Rhys C. Jones

Have you ever been scared stiff of a spider in the bathroom and screamed as loud as you can? Then did you look around and see [...]

Lily-Mae’s Story – Bright but Struggling

Lily-Mae* is a bright, curious, happy, confident child who is struggling at school. Discover more about her frustrations with handwriting and asynchronous development. [...]

55th Anniversary Creative Writing Competition – The Results

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up and thank you to everyone who took part in our 55th Anniversary Creative Writing Competition, raising funds for [...]

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Extension and Enrichment – A Resource Round-Up to Boost Learning

High potential learners so often need ‘harder work’ – not just more work. They need more challenge – not just more work. One of the most [...]

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Ten Tips for Making Your Fundraising Challenge a Success! – Stephen Ramsden

Stephen Ramsden is the chair of Potential Plus UK’s Trustees. He rather rashly offered to undertake our first Challenge55 – setting himself the challenge of cycling [...]

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Summer Reading Challenge Reviews 2022

Each year, we ask our members to read and review five books for us that they have chosen as a challenge to themselves over the summer [...]

Isabella’s Happy Place – A Challenge55 Story by Amanda Holt

Members, Isabella, aged 4, and her mum Amanda have just completed a fabulous swimming Challenge55, raising money for Potential Plus UK. Read more from Amanda about [...]

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