Let’s Explore Day – Lea Green Learning and Development Centre

Despite the weather being somewhat inclement, Potential Plus UK member families met together on Sunday October 24th 2021 in the stunning grounds of the Lea [...]

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Inspirational Figures: For Dual or Multiple Exceptional Learners – A Focus on Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

10% of children with high learning potential face significant personal hurdles, according to the most recent government statistics analysed by Potential Plus UK. These high potential [...]

What to Say About Their High Learning Potential

Describing Your Child’s Abilities to Others, Their School – and Themselves! For some reason, it can be particularly uncomfortable to talk about your own [...]

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Review Time – The Summer Reading Challenge 2021!

It’s review time for the Summer Reading Challenge 2021! Each year, we ask our members to read and review five books for us that they have [...]

Ofsted Update – What Schools Need to Know About High Learning Potential

This blog complements a free webinar video of the same name which is available to school members in the Best Practice Sharing Group. [...]

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When Struggling is a Good Thing

From the Archive This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2012 print edition of Focus on Potential What does it take to reach your potential?  [...]

Building Friendships – Finding Friends When You Have High Learning Potential

When it comes to friendships, children aren't really that different to us as adults; they are more likely to be drawn towards those with whom they [...]

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Teacher, This is How You Can Help a Child with Handwriting Difficulties by Mariza Ferreira

In this occasional series by Paediatric Occupational Therapist Mariza Ferreira, we consider some of the sensory, motor coordination and emotional regulatory issues which could be affecting [...]

It’s That Time of the Year – The 2021 Summer Reading Challenge is Here!

Share Your Favourite Books with Us! Potential Plus UK’s Summer Reading Challenge is open to everyone aged 18 and under. Children and Young People read and [...]

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Disadvantaged High Potential Learners by Joy Morgan

An important group at risk of underachieving across the UK is high potential learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Even where this group is making good progress, it [...]

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