Aged 18 and under? What would you recommend people to read, to listen to or to watch? Our Summer Reading and Playlist Challenge is here!

The Challenge takes place from 27th June – 10th September 2023

In previous years you have shared recommendations for books you have read during the great Summer Reading Challenge – but this year we are finally entering the 21st century! We’re not just looking for books you would recommend but also playlists of individual episodes of YouTube videos or podcasts that you feel that you just have to share! You can create an individual playlist challenge and/or take part in the reading challenge.

All participants will receive a certificate of achievement to acknowledge the efforts that they have made and how they have risen to the challenges.

The Playlist Challenge

What are you watching/listening to this Summer? Have you found something that has captivated you and makes you want to share it with others? For the Playlist challenge we want you to identify 5 individual episodes of videos you are watching on YouTube or Vimeo – not the whole channel and not videos on social media as we can’t share those so easily in a blog – or 5 podcasts you have listened to, which you feel you want other children and young people to listen to.

The Rules:

  1. Listen or watch videos and podcasts during the summer (27th June – September 10th) and create a playlist of 5 individual episodes. You can create a mix of videos and podcasts, or a list each for videos or podcasts.
  2. Review these episodes and mark them out of 5 stars – what subject does it cover, what did you like about the episode, what did you learn that was new? Evaluate why you want to share this episode with others and what age group they would suit.
  3. We know you will be watching/listening to lots of episodes this summer but please only send us your top 5 playlist
  1. Email us your playlist; include the name you would like on your certificate, your age and your address for us to send your certificate.

Send your list in the following format:

  • Video/Podcast Name:
  • Video/Podcast Link:
  • Star Rating: 5 stars being the top rating
  • Age you would recommend to:
  • Your review: Give us a flavour of what the video/podcast is about and why you want to share it.

Remember to send your name, age and the address where we can send your certificate.

The Reading Challenge

Read and review five books you have chosen to challenge yourself with. The challenge might be in the length of the book, the vocabulary, the subject matter or something completely different. Review the books you have chosen – what did you like or not like, did you learn something new, why are you recommending it to someone else, and what age do you think would enjoy reading it?

We’re asking you to choose only 5 books from those you read this summer – part of the challenge is in evaluating which books you would share with others and why.

The Rules

  1. Read the books over this Summer (from June 27th to 10th September).
  2. Rate your books with 5 stars being the top mark and a fantastic read.
  3. Tell us why this book was a challenge for you.
  4. Review your top 5 books. Reflect on the book and why you would recommend it to others but don’t give away the whole plot!
  5. Send us your book reviews; include the name you would like on your challenge certificate, your age and your address for us to send your certificate.

Send Your Reading Challenge Review in the following format:

  • Author:
  • Title:
  • Star Rating: 5 being the top rating
  • Review:
  • If you review an audio book please include the narrator

Remember to send your name, age and the address where we can send your certificate.

Send Your Reviews to Us

Email the reviews to Potential Plus UK by Monday 18th September, 2023. Email:

Your reviews will form part of A Summer Challenge Round-up blog published at the end of September. The reviewer’s name and age (or for ages 11 and under their first name/name and initial of surname and age) will be included in the reviews.

PLEASE NOTE: Potential Plus UK will not include any videos/podcasts/books which, in our view, could promote extreme points of view or which contain language inappropriate for the age group for which it has been reviewed.

Discover New Books from Previous Recommendations

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