Potential Spotter Ages 7+


Complete this detailed questionnaire and discover more about your child with a profile of their individual abilities and tailored guidance to support them. This is for ages 7 and above, click here for ages 4-6.

Your Potential Spotter report will break down the probability of your child having high learning potential across various key skills, as well as investigating their level of motivation to ‘keep going’.


Potential Spotter investigates your child’s abilities in core areas that have been shown* to indicate high learning potential. These are: Intellectual Ability, Academic Achievement, Creativity, Artistic Talent and Leadership. Motivation is explored separately and delves into your child’s energy to achieve.

You know your child best! Potential Spotter gathers this personal knowledge, optionally with teacher input, as you simply fill out an easy, (yet scientific and detailed), questionnaire. The results from this questionnaire are interpreted to create a profile of your unique child. A description of their individual profile is then combined with relevant background information and tailored advice about how to best support them. From all of this, we create your personalised and easily understandable Potential Spotter report.

* Potential Spotter is based on the Gifted Ratings Scales (GRS), a proven norm-referenced tool that provides the foundation for robust results from the questionnaires.

When you purchase Potential Spotter, you will receive a questionnaire to complete. Please return the completed form within 2 weeks to amazing.children@potentialplusuk.org so we can compile your individualised report. The report will take 7-10 days to prepare from when we receive the completed questionnaire.

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