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“Giftedness is an innate ability to both detect and comprehend the world in complex ways that differ significantly from age-expected norms.” Dr. Jim Delisle

When it comes to socialisation, gifted children can often feel misunderstood or alienated within their peer group. Oftentimes their interests vary considerably from other children of a similar age. It can be difficult to form friendships and even those gifted children who have a large circle of friends may feel that there is no one within the group who truly understands them.

In some instances, gifted children will alienate themselves from their peers due to their advanced reasoning, quirky or mature sense of humour and interest in unique topics of conversation. In other instances, particularly when they reach their teens, they might mask their intelligence for the sake of fitting in with their peer group.

Gifted Children and the Classroom

In a traditional classroom setting gifted children may struggle to form friendships. Many of the issues experienced arise as a result of boredom and a reaction to a non-stimulating curriculum. Gifted children often spend a substantial portion of their time waiting for other students to catch up to them and when this happens, they might respond by disrupting classmates as a way of stimulating themselves. They often acquire a reputation for being a ‘know-it-all’ or ‘show off’ and during lunch break or recess it is not uncommon to find them seeking the company of an adult – a means to fulfil their desire for stimulating conversation.

Homeschooling as a Solution

Many families turn to homeschooling to tend to both the academic and social needs of their child.

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we find our gifted students thrive in an environment where flexibility and freedom of choice feature so high on the agenda. Our students and families have full control over the subjects they choose to enrol on and are able to study courses at varying levels depending on ability.

Our students can delve deeply into subjects of interest, move swiftly through concepts they find easy to understand, all the while having the flexibility to learn where and when they choose. This frees time for ‘out of school’ activities and opportunities to socialise, not only with peers, but with individuals of varying ages and backgrounds.

Our model helps gifted students find that all important balance often unattainable in mainstream school.

A Few Words from Our Students and Families

“Eddie went straight into studying four IGCSE subjects with Wolsey Hall Oxford, choosing Maths, English, History and Geography. He thoroughly enjoyed working at his own pace, doing his own research, and practicing for the exams. He sat them at the age of 13 and achieved two A grades, a B, and a C. The greatest benefit however is not in the grades he achieved but in the way he learned to study independently and under his own motivation. We are all really proud of him for the way he applied himself and how driven he is to achieve his own goals.” Sue, mum of gifted homeschooler Eddie.

“My experience with Wolsey Hall has been amazing. All in all, I have been really impressed by how efficient and effective all of the courses have been. After every course, I realised how much knowledge I had gained in that subject. I never once felt like I was at the same level as I was when I started the course.” Gifted student, Sophia.

“Whilst there is a common misconception that homeschooling stunts a student’s social life, this is not the case with Wolsey Hall. I have had many opportunities to make new friends. The diversity of students studying at Wolsey Hall means that I have had the opportunity to learn about many different cultures first hand.” Gifted student Lily, now studying Astrophysics at Newcastle University

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