Lily-Mae’s Story – Bright but Struggling

Lily-Mae* is a bright, curious, happy, confident child who is struggling at school. Discover more about her frustrations with handwriting and asynchronous development. [...]

Teacher, This is How You Can Help a Child with Handwriting Difficulties by Mariza Ferreira

In this occasional series by Paediatric Occupational Therapist Mariza Ferreira, we consider some of the sensory, motor coordination and emotional regulatory issues which could be affecting [...]

Rewriting the Writing Rule Book: Handwriting and High Learning Potential

As benign as pen and paper may appear to be, we have long since learned not to be fooled by the apparent innocence of the tree [...]

Supporting High Learning Potential Children with Handwriting Difficulties

At Potential Plus UK we see many high learning potential children who struggle with handwriting. A project a couple of years ago with Prof. Diane Montgomery [...]

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Handwriting and High Learning Potential

From the Archive This article, outlining some of the handwriting problems that can affect children with high learning potential, has a particular focus on identifying [...]

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