Last Minute “Triple Lock” on ‘A’ Level Exam Results – A Comment

Potential Plus UK’s main concern with Ofqual’s exam procedure and standardisation model has always been the likelihood of a negative impact on high ability students from [...]

Urgent Improvement Needed: How the Exam Process Will Wreck the Chances of Thousands by Daniel Dipper, Year 13.

“I and thousands of students in a similar position to me across the country can only hope that Ofqual will do what every student does after [...]

Ofqual’s Consultation On Exceptional Arrangements For Exam Grading And Assessment In 2020 – Potential Plus UK’s Response

Many thanks to all those families who responded to our survey on the Ofqual consultation about arrangements for exam grading and assessment in 2020, which enabled [...]

Home Education, Exam Cancellations and the Ofqual Consultation, by Michael Speranza

In a year that’s seen the terms ‘lockdown,’ ‘social distancing’ and ’PPE’ added to the common lexicon it might be tempting to view the cancellation of [...]

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