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A recent survey conducted by homeschooling provider, Wolsey Hall Oxford revealed that 91% of parents believed that homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford had improved their children’s well-being.

The survey was completed by 343 of Wolsey Hall’s homeschooling parents, with an overwhelming majority stating what a positive experience homeschooling had been for their child.

When asked: ‘Do you feel that homeschooling has had a positive impact on your child’s well-being?’, 91.5% of all respondents said ‘yes’, 5.8% had mixed feelings – answering both ‘yes and no’ – and 2.6% said ‘no’.

Many parents with academically gifted children and those who show outstanding talent in music or sport, for example, commented on the benefits of homeschooling and how it had helped their children physically, emotionally and mentally.

One parent commented, ‘Not having to navigate an overwhelming environment and being in a space where [my son] could see that his extra needs and his exceptional talents are supported was a huge relief. It took a long time for the school-associated anger and trauma to dissipate so he could enjoy learning without triggers. He still finds it hard to overcome his learning difficulties but can cope with his day now. This leaves him able to enjoy his evenings and engage in social connections.’

Many gifted students also have dual or multiple exceptionalities, where high learning potential is coupled with a learning difficulty or special need. Wolsey Hall assists these students via a range of Support Services as noted by the parents below:

 ‘Our neurodivergent third-culture sons have benefitted greatly from the flexibility and being able to go at their own pace.’

 ‘Our child found secondary school very difficult due to issues related to his autism and dyspraxia. Homeschooling has allowed him to learn in a way that better suits him and has had a marked positive impact on his mental well-being.’

Thanks to Wolsey Hall’s dedicated Learning Support team, children and their parents can get additional assistance when needed. Learning Support can assist with:

  • Academic mentoring.
  • Study skills support.
  • Access arrangements advice.
  • General advice and guidance.
  • Resources and suggested services/products.
  • Liaising with other Wolsey Hall staff members to communicate a student’s needs.
  • Assisting gifted students with a diagnosed learning need.
  • Helping those who have no diagnosed need but who still require support with focus, motivation, exam stress and other learning support topics.

The school also recently held a free-access webinar about the benefits of homeschooling for gifted children. You can watch the webinar here.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School and is the world’s most experienced home study and homeschooling online provider. If you are interested to learn more about homeschooling your gifted child with Wolsey Hall Oxford visit or enquire now.

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