Share Your Favourite Books with Us!

Potential Plus UK’s Summer Reading Challenge is open to everyone aged 18 and under.

Children and Young People read and review five books that they have chosen as a challenge to themselves. The challenge may be in the length of the book, complexity of vocabulary or in the subject matter. The reviews themselves should demonstrate a greater understanding of, and reflection on, the books that they choose.

Although we know that you will be reading many more than 5 books this summer, part of the challenge is in evaluating which books you would share with others and why. Therefore, we ask that you whittle down your reviews to only 5 books.

All participants will receive a certificate of achievement to acknowledge the efforts that they have made and how they have risen to the challenges.


  1. Read the books over this Summer (from July 3rd to 12th September 2021).
  2. Rate the books from 1 – 5 stars (with 5 stars being a fantastic read and would recommend it to others).
  3. Tell us why this book was a challenge for you.
  4. Write/type/video/dictate reviews of your top 5 books. In your reviews include a personal reflection on the book as well as if and why you would recommend it to others. Don’t forget that you want to tantalise new readers without giving away the whole plot.
  5. Send us your book reviews; include the name you would like on your challenge certificate and your age

Email the reviews to Potential Plus UK by Sunday 12th September. Email:

We would like to be able to quote and attribute some of these recommendations in future blogs. If you do not want us to attribute your child (ages 11 and under by first name or name and initial of surname), please let us know when you send in the Summer Reading Challenge reviews.

To find out what our members have recommended in previous years see: