Julie's German Challenge

Julie Taplin
Potential Plus UK Chief Executive, Julie Taplin, remembers 26 irregular German verbs for the 2.6 Challenge!

Thank you all Superhlpers! You super-supported Potential Plus UK in the recent 2.6 Challenge. The event was set up by the organisers of the London Marathon to help raise greatly needed funds for charities during this difficult time. Participants were encouraged to undertake any challenge around the theme of 2.6 or 26.

Thanks to everyone who took on a personal challenge: there was reading and riddles, square numbers and spherical grapes, philosophical questions and funny German verbs, and an awful lot of cycling and walking! Our trustees, ambassadors and staff gave us plenty to laugh at, think about and cheer on. It was also heartening that members (parents and young people) got involved and took up the 2.6 challenge with both physical and non-physical activities.

Our gratitude also goes to all those who so generously donated. So far over £900 has been raised, which will help Potential Plus UK to support even more young people, not only during this crisis, but well into the future.

You can still enjoy the challenges: https://potentialplusuk.org/index.php/2020/04/22/calling-all-superheroes-get-involved-in-the-2-6-challenge/

And if you enjoy them please consider making a donation either searching for us on JustGiving or on our own donations page https://potentialplusuk.org/index.php/fundraising/donate/

Thank you to our 2.6 Challenge participants, including:

Denise Ahmed
Denise Ahmed ran 2.6km while also fasting for Ramadan
Fran cycling 26km on an exercise bike
Fran cycled 26 km on an exercise bike
Rebecca Howell
Rebecca Howell - Walked 26 miles over 26 hours - definitely a walk of two halves!