Has the lockdown got your creative juices flowing? Do you find writing therapeutic? With a little more time on our hands, now is a great time to consider getting creative, so we’ve launched our Penned in Poetry competition.

We are looking for original, unpublished poetry on the theme of “Staying at Home”.  There are three different age brackets for entries and the closing date is Sunday 3rd May 2020. Winning entries will be published in Focus on Potential and the first prize in each category is a hand-chosen age-appropriate book of poetry.

Email your entry marked “Penned in Poetry Competition” to amazingchildren@potentialplusuk.org and include the author’s name and date of birth.

Age Groups

Ages 3-7

Ages 8-11

Ages 12-18

Top Tips on Writing for Competitions

Tip 1:       This competition has the theme of “Staying at Home” and it is vital that you stick to it. Be as creative as you can but “Staying at Home” must be a key part of your poem.

Tip 2:      Whatever you are writing, the title is the judge’s first impression of your work. Spend time thinking of something relevant to the poem that is eye catching and appealing.

Tip 3:      Beware of clichés. It’s all been done before so try and think of something more original. You need to write something different in order to stand out and to have a memorable entry.

Tip 4:      At the end of the day, be yourself and be true to your poetry writing style.  Write what you love and love what you write; it’s as simple as that!

Writing competitions are a great way to express yourself and get recognition for your skills and creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Be inspired and get writing. We are looking forward to receiving your entries!

Send your entries marked Penned in Poetry Competition by email to: amazingchildren@potentialplusuk.org

These tips are based on an article by Young Reporter, Hannah Mehr, originally published in the Spring 2017 edition of the Potential Plus UK ezine Ignis.

For more inspiration from Hannah, please visit her blog The Meaning of Words.

Good luck!