Have You Got a Stomach Ache or Other Gut Related Symptoms?

It might be due to micro-organisms in your gut called yeast – not the same as the ones in bread but they love eating sugar which means pretty much any sugar you eat including the ones in carbohydrates. They all feed the yeast and make it multiply.

Too much yeast makes you feel bloated, tired and generally unwell. What yeast really dislikes however are many forms of spice – cayenne and black pepper included. This kills the yeast with its antifungal properties. Unfortunately though, when the yeast dies, it doesn’t just disappear. It releases toxins that can make you feel very unwell with symptoms including nausea, headache, tiredness and limb ache. If you have antifungal medicine, it will be even worse because the yeast will die too quickly and release more toxins.

My Story

I didn’t have a yeast problem until this year. I have always found it hard to find things to eat and my favourite food was cheese and pasta and I ate a lot of croissants and biscuits. I have discovered that I was feeding the yeast too much and therefore started getting symptoms. So, I have changed my diet. For getting better I have had rice porridge which is cooked brown rice with milk (I use just a little rice milk because I don’t eat dairy) If I have too many bowls of this a day I will overload on sugar but the brown rice is good for my gut. I also eat oxtail soup which seems good for me as it is liquid so not too hard to digest. I tend to eat a normal lunch and try to eat some meat and potato. At tea I usually have a fishcake. And for snacks I often have rice cakes with salted butter on them. I don’t have juice. Instead I drink hemp milk. It is a drink made from hemp seeds.

How Do You Get Better the Gentle Way?

Ideally you need a lot of rest and need to avoid quite a large amount of your sugar but don’t eliminate it completely. The best thing to do to get rid of the yeast less painfully is to starve it slowly. This way it will release less toxins, meaning that the symptoms will be a lot better. To do this, as I said before, don’t eat too much sugar and don’t forget that sugar can be in anything. Complex carbohydrates (white flour, white rice) do turn into sugar which feeds the yeast. You really need to rest because your body needs a lot of energy to fight the yeast, and don’t miss meals or snacks because if you do the yeast will know that you are getting weak and will cause more chaos when you are not strong enough to resist it.

I am getting better slowly every day. I hope my story helps you.