It was with great interest that I read this article by the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, on ‘Children’s literacy and narrowing the early years gap’ in the parliamentary magazine “The House” today. I was particularly heartened by the recognition that parents often “welcome a helping hand” and that “it’s not always easy to know where to get advice or how to access it.”

This is what the charity Potential Plus UK endeavours to do. We support parents and carers of children with high learning potential of all ages and regardless of background. We give parents and carers the confidence and practical tools, so that they can help their children recognise and develop their potential. What starts as a small bright spark can be far too easily extinguished. We want to help it grow and shine ever brighter.

Suggested strategies include helping parents to enhance the language and literacy skills of their children, through simple, practical ideas that can be done at home. Some of these are demonstrated in the booklet Fun Ideas to Encourage Deeper Learning at Home (free to Potential Plus UK members).

I was particularly interested to read that the Secretary of State has invited “charities…. to be part of a coalition to raise awareness and build parents’ confidence…”, and I have written to him today to point out that Potential Plus UK would welcome the opportunity to be part of that coalition. Our charity has over 50 years’ experience and expertise of supporting parents and carers from a wide range of backgrounds and we would be very happy to share that understanding with colleagues from business, media and other charities and organisations with the aim of raising parents’ awareness and building their confidence.

We look forward to hearing from the Secretary of State.

Julie Taplin
Chief Executive
Potential Plus UK