The BBC2 series ‘Generation Gifted’ has highlighted the plight of very able young people from disadvantaged backgrounds  who often don’t have the self confidence and world experience to realise the potential they hold.

Schools do their utmost to provide opportunities and support but, as this series demonstrates, this can be at odds with the child’s experience at home.  This highlights how important it is to ensure that parents also have support and information to help their children navigate their way through the education system and the world beyond.

But whose responsibility is it to provide that support? This essential ingredient for social mobility continues to go untouched and unfunded by successive policy makers.

Potential Plus UK is a charity that has been supporting these highly able children, their parents, carers and schools for over 50 years. At its core is the belief that every child should have the opportunity to thrive and achieve, not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.

To aid access to support for families from all walks of life the charity raises money for its Scholarship Fund from a wide range of trusts and businesses. A recent initiative is the 5 Years Scholarship for which several companies, including Data Techniques of Farnborough, have pledged to support families with exceptionally able children from disadvantaged backgrounds over five years to enable them to better fulfil their potential.

The 5 Years Scholarship is already helping two families to access educational assessments, practical action plans for home and school, and ongoing support from the charity’s educational advisers, but it relies heavily on the goodwill and contributions of others in society.

The charity’s Chair of Trustees, Michael Speranza, says: “Potential Plus UK is about all children, from all parts of society, regardless of their background, regardless of where they live, regardless of whether they are currently attaining well academically or not (many of our children simply do not achieve their potential), and regardless of whether they have full engagement from their parents or not. We are about breaking down barriers and providing support for all children with high learning potential.”

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