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Learning is not linear. There are many ways for a child to be educated, and a one-size-fits-all approach often doesn’t work when it comes to gifted children. As educator and author Colleen Kessler notes on her site, Raising Lifelong Learners, ‘Forcing gifted kids to learn the way neurotypical kids learn can often lead to underachievement and a lack of motivation’.

Here are 5 reasons to consider homeschooling your gifted child…

1. Children can work at their own pace

Gifted children may feel stifled in a general school environment, due to the need to work at the level and pace of the class. When homeschooling, children can work at their own pace. They can speed through subjects that come easily to them and spend more time exploring subjects and topics that really interest them.

2. Less Behavioural issues

As gifted children can get frustrated while waiting for their peers to complete tasks, they can sometimes become disruptive in a classroom setting – but there’s no need to worry about this in a homeschooling environment. Some gifted children can also find school settings overwhelming, and some may be bullied as they may be seen as ‘different’ – homeschooling your child provides a safe space for study.

3. More time for other activities

As gifted children tend to complete tasks and schoolwork in a fraction of the time of their peers, when homeschooling they have more freedom to partake in other activities and hobbies once their academic work is complete. They can develop and nurture other  creative and hands-on skills like gardening, woodwork or cooking.

4. It’s easier for them to form friendships with likeminded children

Gifted children often feel ‘different’ and unable to connect with their age-equivalent peers who are in class with them. Homeschooling a gifted child allows you and your child the freedom to seek out like-minded people, but they can also connect and form friendships with other gifted children who are a part of the same homeschooling programme, like Wolsey Hall Oxford, which encourages student interaction through group initiatives and clubs.

5. They can take their GCSEs early
Gifted students often take their IGCSEs early and are able to study at the right stage for their skills, rather than the level dictated by their age. Wolsey Hall Oxford student Eddie left primary school and transferred to homeschooling, where he went straight into studying four IGCSE subjects and took his exams aged just 13. He then went on to study for other IGCSEs.

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