The series Growing Up Gifted returns to BBC2 tonight, March 25th, at 9.00p.m. with part two on Wednesday 1st April.

This series follows six teenagers with high learning potential: Liam, Jamarley, Kian, Anne Marie, Jada and Shakira, looking at what it takes for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed. In this third and final year following them, GCSE exams are approaching and with ambitions to progress to careers like doctor or theoretical physics, pressure is mounting on them to do well.

Potential Plus UK is proud to now be working with one of the featured schools in this series.  We are supporting them with a range of resources, professional development, parents’ workshops, advice sheets and strategies to promote excellent outcomes and well-being for their high potential learners.  For more information about how we can help your school on its journey to becoming a centre of excellence for high potential learners, contact Alternatively, if you would like to read more about the young people we support and how we work with schools please check out our website

During school closures, we are offering a small gesture of moral support and reducing each school membership by £20, so that you can make the most of our experience, expertise and links to schools further along their journey.  For more information about membership please see Become a School Member

‘A rising tide lifts all ships …’  Planning for the top in 2020-2021 School Development Plans will impact on achievement for all learners.  Once everything settles down in a couple of weeks, teachers may find the breathing space they need to focus on this important group, especially those disadvantaged high potential learners who deserve the very best from their school years.

“The whole school has found Potential Plus UK membership amazingly helpful in thinking through our approach to raising achievement for all our students, not just those on our high learning potential register.  Parents love the workshops and free associate membership, senior leaders feel very well-supported.  The professional development really supported us in refining teachers’ skills and we are so proud that in our truly comprehensive inner-London school 41% of all GCSE results were Levels 7-9 in 2019.  Thank you, Rebecca and the team at Potential Plus UK”  Joy Morgan, Parliament Hill School