A spy has infiltrated Bletchley Park and is sending messages to their handler via a secret wireless access point somewhere in the grounds. We need your help to find the access point and identify the spy! In order to do this we’ll teach you how to break wartime Germany’s top-level cipher, Lorenz, so that you can read location information sent to the spy. Then you’ll be decoding, plotting and reading grid references and bearings.

This family activity is a fundraising event for Potential Plus UK in partnership with The Learning team at Bletchley Park. They have created an unique day especially for Potential Plus UK. The activities and storyline will be a completely new experience from last year’s event.

Bletchley Park has advised that it will be suitable for HLP children aged 7+ years (up to 16 and beyond!). Please note: if families choose to include a child younger than 7 the same price applies (as a space is being taken) but the Learning Team cannot guarantee that the child will be able to fully access the activities.

  • Child/young adult ticket (ages 7+) £30 (members £25)
  • Parent/carer ticket £25 (members £20)

Potential Plus UK members receive a £5 discount off all tickets. See Focus on Potential or the members noticeboard for details of the code to include when booking. For all other information and to book a place visit https://pplusuk.eventhq.co.uk/operation-squirrel 

Bookings close at 11.55pm on Wednesday 7th August.

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