Congratulations to Nathan and Philippe, members of Potential Plus UK. This week they have featured in a great series from ITV News Central called Bright Sparks, following the lives of children with high learning potential and looking at the challenges faced by them and their families.  Nathan and Philippe and their families did a brilliant job of highlighting the joys and challenges of high learning potential. The series also includes an interview with Potential Plus UK’s Chief Executive, Julie Taplin.

You can watch the full series on ITV Central’s YouTube channel:  and see Nathan and Philippe below.





Rebecca Howell taking part in ITV Central Facebook Live session on high learning potential 26th July, 2018 with Peter Bearne

Following the last video in the series on July 26th, 2018, ITV News Central ran a Facebook Live session. Their Education Correspondent Peter Bearne talked with Potential Plus UK’s Senior Education Consultant Rebecca Howell, who answered questions on topics such as: how to identify children with high learning potential, handwriting problems, the impact on mental health, what Potential Plus UK is able to offer…

To watch the full Question and Answer session see