At the start of this academic year Potential Plus UK launched its High Learning Potential Best Practice Award. It is designed to enable schools to demonstrate that they are meeting the needs of their high potential learners. Gaining the award clearly shows parents, stakeholders and inspectors that the needs of high potential learners are understood and being met by the school.

The award criteria cover:
• The school’s commitment to high potential learners
• Identification of these learners
• Provision in place to support, challenge and develop the skills of high potential learners
• Engagement with stakeholders and the community that supports high potential learners
• Monitoring and evaluation of strategies

Potential Plus UK is delighted that two schools in Camden, London, one secondary and one primary, are the first in the country to have been assessed and their provision recognised to merit the Gold Award.

The Best Practice Award acknowledged Parliament Hill School’s “excellent practice in challenging students to excel academically” and that Carlton Primary School’s “curriculum includes both academic and cognitive excellence and the development of skills”.

As part of the assessment both schools provided portfolios of evidence, which were then followed up by visits to the schools. A half-day visit included discussions with key members of staff and governors, as well as parents and the students themselves. A learning walk aided Potential Plus UK’s consideration about the school’s ethos on inclusion and challenge.

The detailed award criteria can be used as a tool for self-evaluation to enable school leaders to identify good practice, as well as any areas for development. This information can then be used to implement an action plan for improvement.

School members of Potential Plus UK have full access to the award criteria, as well as advice and guidance on how to implement an action plan. Visit High Learning Potential Best Practice Award or call Potential Plus UK on 01908 646433 for more information.