Potential Plus UK is delighted that the achievements of Professor Valsa Koshy have been recognised through the award of an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list. Her contribution over many years to the understanding of, and educational provision for, children with high learning potential has been invaluable. Valsa combines academic rigour with practical interventions that have had a real impact on the lives of so many young people. Potential Plus UK congratulates Valsa Koshy on this very important acknowledgement of her contribution to education.

Professor Koshy is the co-founder and director of the Brunel Able Children’s Education (BACE) Centre which supports Talent Development. The centre’s work is based on a broadened conception of talents and gifts rather than on labelling children; focusing on the uniqueness of a child’s special strengths and interests.  It aims to empower teachers with strategies for effective curriculum provision, so that they can provide enriching and enjoyable learning experiences for all pupils.

Much of Professor Koshy’s research has centred on the recognition and development of the submerged talents of learners living in challenging circumstances; work that has helped transform the lives of teenagers from low-income families.

With two research degrees in Mathematics Education, Valsa also leads professional development programmes for teachers in mathematics and in pedagogy.  To hear more about her work see the article that she wrote for Potential Plus UK in 2017 Nurturing Mathematical Promise  and the announcement post from Brunel University MBE For Education Professor in New Year’s Honours List