We are delighted to announce that the host for the Above and Beyond Awards will be the enormously popular contestant from University Challenge, Bobby Seagull. Together with Eric Monkman he went on to co-present The Genius Guide to Great Britain on BBC2 and he recently had a book published entitled The Life-changing Magic of Numbers.

Although Bobby started out as a financial trader, he has a history of working with young people. In 2007, he was one of the founders of OxFizz, an educational social enterprise, which supports sixth form students applying to top universities. In 2014, he moved into teaching full-time, and became a trustee for UpRising, a charity that offers youth leadership development for 16–25 year olds.  He is currently combining his Doctorate in Education at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, with teaching in a state secondary school.

Bobby has a passion for numbers and would love to be able to popularise maths education. He is an ambassador for the charity National Numeracy, which works to improve numeracy for for all.

The Above and Beyond Awards are your opportunity to acknowledge the support and inspiration of people who go ‘above and beyond’ in our high learning potential community, as well as the achievements of our young people themselves. And, if they are short-listed for an award, they will have the opportunity to meet Bobby!

The deadline for nominations is 5pm on Friday 11th January 2019. The awards ceremony will take place in Birmingham on the afternoon of Monday 11th February 2019.