Hi, my stories are based on a wood with woodland creatures living in it but no ordinary animals here, as you will soon find out!  Please see more on my website:

Meet the Animals


Animal: a squirrel obviously!

Description: Hazel is the main character. She is easily scared and likes peanuts more than acorns!

Gender: Female

Favourite friend: Badger


Animal: Well a badger of course!

Description: Badger likes to eat acorns. He is short-sighted so quite clumsy!

Gender: Male

Favourite friend: Hazel


Animal: wild boar

Description: Borris is a bully to everyone!

Gender: Male

Favourite friend: Eagle


Animal: Eagle

Description: Eagle is a bully to everyone!

Gender: Male

Favourite friend: Borris


Animal: Owl

Description: Owl thinks of himself as very clever. His favourite food is miso soup

Gender: Male

Favourite friend: He is friends to all

Badger and the Great Glasses Vault

 Trouble in the Forest

It was a sunny day and Hazel was walking in the forest when she heard CRASH! and saw Badger on the floor next to a tree.

“Are you alright?” said Hazel.
“Just about” replied Badger feeling a bit dazed.
“OK good I must continue my walk,” said Hazel. “Bi!”
“Bi bi!” replied Badger.
Continuing her walk, Hazel went 10 more steps and heard another CRASH!Borris boar appeared and said “Hahaha the fool. He should learn what is air and trees!”
“That’s so rude” shouted Hazel. She pulled a stone out of the ground and threw it at Borris. It hit him hard. “And you should try to tell the difference between Squirrel and stone!” she said. “Anyway, why do you keep crashing into trees Badger?”
“I don’t know!” replied Badger
“Hmm,” said Hazel “maybe we need to get you an eye test”
“OK” said Badger “but where can we go?”
“I know, how about Owl?” said Hazel
“OK then let’s go but how can we get there when I can’t walk because I keep crashing?”
“Oh” said Hazel “I know. How about we use the power props in turbo?”
“What are power props” said Badger.
“Small white boxes that work because there is a propeller in them which pushes the person who wears them slightly up to slow the fall, like parachutes but if I make the propeller go in turbo it will make you go up” Hazel replied.
“So, I will be able to fly over trees?” said Badger.
“Correct,” answered Hazel.
“But how do I use them?” said Badger.
“Just put it like a back pack and press the green button to go up, press it again to come down, and press the red button to emergency stop” said Hazel.
“OK” said Badger putting it on.
“Yes,” replied Hazel “you’re doing it.” Soon Hazel heard the propeller prop going up “I hope you are not scared of heights, Badger!” shouted Hazel.
“Not really” replied Badger.

After about 40 ft up Hazel saw Eagle “WATCH OUT,” she alerted Badger.
Eagle dived at the emergency stop button and hit it. Badger plummeted to the ground at 40 mph and in 10 seconds he hit the ground and felt very dazed.
“Oh no,” said Hazel, and she threw a stone at Eagle.
“OW! I don’t suppose Owl knows anything about first aid?” said Badger. Then Hazel and Badger heard Owl.
“I do” he said.
“Well,” replied Hazel “can we come to your tree house?”
“Of course.” replied Owl, “follow me, but you might need to carry Badger.”
“OK,” said Hazel. Trying to lift Badger was impossible. “He is too heavy,” said Hazel.
“OK then I can lift him” said Owl. He stretched out his wings to lift Badger. It was easy for him. Then everyone went to Owl’s tree house.

Peanuts and Trees

At Owl’s tree house, Owl bandaged Badger’s leg and said, “Let’s get that eye test done.”
“OK,” replied Badger.
“This will involve looking at letters,” said Owl.
“And trying on strange glasses,” said Hazel.
“Yes,” replied Owl “so let’s start –  oh and Hazel,  do you want your eyes tested?”
“Well why not?” replied Hazel.
“So, shall we start?” Owl asked.
“Yes,” said Badger.
“Right,” replied Owl “so first I want you to say what problems you have if any?”
“Crashing into trees,” said Badger.
“Not being able to see whether my peanuts are mouldy or fine, until I taste one that is!” said Hazel.
“Both not nice to have I guess,” replied Owl.
“No” said Hazel and Badger.
“OK, now to see how you do in the letters and colours test.”
“Why colours?” asked Badger.
“To test for colour blindness which is where you can’t see certain colours,” answered Owl.
“So, you use the colours to test for that?” said Badger.
“Yes,” replied Owl “so let’s start.”

Owl pushed a green button and a scroll with letters on it came down.
“Right,” said Owl “first up Badger. Now tell me what letters you see.”
“i, e, r, t, y, u, blur, blur, blur” said Badger.
“OK,” said Owl “now Hazel it’s your turn. Read the letters out to me.”
“OK,” said Hazel “e, r, t, o, x, z, i”
“Ace,” said Owl “you got them all right Hazel, but Badger got none right but don’t worry it can happen to anybody and it’s not competitive.”
“Thanks” said Badger. Owl pushed a button, this one was red. “Now time for colours,” said Owl. “Hazel you go first this time.”
Hazel started “red, red, green, black, black, black.”
“Right” said Owl. “Now, Badger your turn, just read the colours.
Badger started “red, blue, green, amber, black.”
“OK, now then put on these glasses and read the letters and colours.”

Hazel and Badger tried the glasses on different settings for hours, and then Owl said, “OK I shall check your results and while you wait go and choose some glasses, oh and you will need some sunglasses as well.”

The Great Glasses Vault

Owl placed a key in a key hole and turned it; then a door swung open. “Try as many as you like for as long as you like and when you find one you like bring it back here, OK?”
“Sounds good to me,” said Badger and Hazel.

They both went in. Badger found a pair of goggle glasses “Maybe those are a bit strange,” said Badger “let’s keep looking.”
“OK” said Hazel. They kept on looking. Hazel found a pair of automatic glasses. Badger tried them on and the second he touched them they jumped onto his face and the arms popped out.
“Well very clever,” said Badger “but those are not right either.” He had another look and found a pair of invisible glasses.

Hazel read the notice ‘the problem of the look when wearing glasses is over with the new invisible glasses. Once they are placed on they blend into the background so you can’t see them but when you take them off they appear again.’
“Well,” said Badger, “I think those could be the right ones but how do we send them to Owl?”
“I guess you press this button” replied Hazel. Pointing to an arrow button she pressed it, the pair of glasses shot out at 100 mph, then Hazel and Badger heard an electronic voice and it said, “thank you for purchasing the invisible glasses 1 – they will be sent to Owl shortly.”
“Yes, instantly” said Badger.

Hazel found some heart-shaped sunglasses and pressed the button and Badger found some round sunglasses and pressed the button and then BOOM! a huge explosion caused Hazel and Badger to crash into the wall.
“Now I know how it feels like to crash into trees.” said Hazel.” Then an unpleasant smell filled the room.
“And I know what it’s like to smell all those rotten peanuts,” replied Badger.
“Well we found some glasses so let’s see Owl for our results” said Hazel.
“OK,” said Badger.
Badger and Hazel went to see Owl.

Smoke Detectors and Exotic Contraptions

Owl was waiting for Badger and Hazel, wondering why they were so long. When he heard their story “Well yes, don’t push 2 buttons at once because it overloads the system!” he said.
“Yes,” said Badger.
“Anyway,” said Owl, “according to Badger’s results he is short-sighted which makes him clumsy, and Hazel’s results show she is colour blind which as I said a couple of hours ago makes you not see colours, so Hazel can’t see the difference between a normal peanut and a rotten peanut. I can fix them both with glasses. Just give me 2 days and I will have the glasses made, you can have a sleepover with me if you want?”
“Yes please,” said Badger and “thanks.”
“No problem,” said Owl “now in 2 days we will try them on.”

2 days passed and Badger went to wake up Hazel in the middle of the night! Badger knew that Hazel would never wake up just with the ring of the doorbell, so he took a smoke alarm to Hazel’s bedroom and pressed the test button. Then he covered his ears and then BEEP BEEP BEEP. Hazel woke up in shock and panicked “Oh no a fire!” and she pressed the emergency flood button (as Owl’s house had so many buttons in it) SPLOSH! a giant gush of water soaked Hazel!
Badger walked into Hazel’s room and pressed the dry button, “Sorry Hazel, I wanted to use a smoke alarm to wake you up,” said Badger.
“In the middle of the night?” replied Hazel.
“Well I am nocturnal,” said Badger.
“Maybe you would sleep better in here with me. Come on” answered Hazel. “OK,” replied Badger.

Soon it was morning.
“Good morning,” hooted Owl.
“Morning,” said Hazel.
“Well,” said Owl, “let’s try your glasses now and then we can see how they work after breakfast.”
“Great,” said Badger.
“OK,” said Owl “let’s try them on.”

He pressed a yellow button and Hazel’s bed tipped forward and a hole opened up. Hazel was in an automatic washing room. Then a blast of air like a 300 mph wind blew all the dust off her. Next another hole opened and Hazel dropped straight onto the sofa. Then Owl pressed a blue button and Badger’s bed tipped forward and did the same thing as Hazel’s bed and Badger landed on the sofa.
“Right,” said Owl “to the dining room.” He pressed a pink button and the sofa turned into 2 stools and shot straight into the dining room.
Hazel and Badger saw the glasses in 2 white boxes with their names on them. ‘Badger’ and ‘Hazel’.
“Now,” said Owl “just open the boxes and I will set up some tests for the glasses. In the meantime, you can try them and look around, and do read the instructions.”
“Right.” said Hazel “this should not be too hard.” She opened the box and read the instructions ‘How to use: unfold the arms and push down behind your ears and the glasses will become invisible’.
“OK,” said Badger “that’s simple.” He took them out, unfolded the arms and placed them down on his ears. “Why do those trees seem closer? ”asked Badger.
“Badger! the glasses work, now you don’t have to worry about banging into trees, but will they work for me?” said Hazel. She put them on and said “Is that green?”
“They work for you too Hazel” said Badger.
“Oh yes” said Hazel
“I have found the sunglasses.” replied Badger.
“Great,” said Hazel “but it is not sunny.”
“Yes, but we can try them when it is sunny.” replied Badger.
“You’re right Badger, we can do that.”

Just then Owl came in. “Here are the tests” he said. He had a bag of normal peanuts and a bag a rotten peanuts. “Now,” said Owl “these are the tests for Hazel. Just eat the right peanut.”
“OK,” replied Hazel. She picked the right peanut and ate it.
“Yay,” said Hazel “I ate the right peanut.”
“Yes you did,” replied Owl. “Finally Badger it’s your turn, just walk outside and don’t crash into trees.”
“OK,” said Badger.

The Ultimate Highly Technical Spectacle Chase

Stepping outside Badger went 10 meters. then 1 mile and he did not crash into any trees!  BUT . . . Borris appeared and he snatched the glasses off Badger.
Hazel had rotated the power props and placed them in turbo, “Turbo props activate,” she said. Then she pressed the button BOOM! Hazel shot forward like a rocket.

“LOOK OUT!” shouted Badger.
Hazel was heading straight for a tree. Too late! Hazel crashed right into it. She dropped down. “Well,” she said, “time to gear up!”  It was time for the big guns – time for Badger, Hazel, and Owl to use their special backpacks with hydro launchers, sonic air shields, damage air cannons, radar, a radar deterring system, supersonic jets and a tunnel digging device!
“OK” said Owl, looking a bit worried, “all these are a bit complicated but we need them to get the glasses back, so let’s go!”
“OK,” replied Badger “tunnel digging device activate.” 2 large drills popped out of his backpack and started spinning. He was off!
“Radar scanner activate, supersonic jets activate” said Hazel. 3 small tubes popped out and one of them beeped then WHOOOSH! in a split second, Hazel was off.

Meanwhile Badger was searching underground. He hit a boulder and shouted “hydro launcher” SPLOSH! A huge blast of water hit the rock and shattered it.
“Oh!” he said, “I think Borris boar will be on top of the ground.” He dug upwards and heard something. “Radar scanner” he said. A small round tube popped out of his backpack and a pair of goggles came down. “It’s Borris” said Badger. He dug upwards more and found Borris. “Hydro launcher” he shouted. The blast of water hit Borris. He charged. “Sonic shield,” said Badger. A shot of blue light and a blast of air hit Borris and knocked him down. The glasses shot at Badger and he caught them. Then Hazel and Owl appeared.
“What’s going on?” they said.
“It’s a long story” said Badger!