Potential Plus UK’s BIG Family Weekend takes place in Peterborough on October 20th-21st.  Details of the programme and how to book is available at https://pplusuk.eventhq.co.uk/big-family-weekend-2018

The BIG Family Weekend is aimed at families with children up to the age of 11 years while the Enigma Challenges are aimed at young people aged 12-16 years.  The weekend is designed:

  • to provide fun, challenging and inspiring activities for children and for their parents
  • to encourage a community of families
  • to raise funds for Potential Plus UK and its Scholarship Fund.

The full programme of diverse children’s activities from CSI to Forest Skills with Knives is available at: https://pplusuk.eventhq.co.uk/files/97/20190925_BFW_Brochure.pdf

However, the BIG Family Weekend is more than just a great place for children with high learning potential to find their tribe and enjoy some challenges, more even than a great place for trying family activities together; parents also have their own full programme of workshops where they can learn the best ways to support their children.

Keynote Speech – The Science of Learning – Saturday 20th October

Our Keynote Speaker this year is Bradley Busch, an HCPC registered psychologist and Director at InnerDrive, who specialises in realising the potential behind the application of Growth Mindset, Metacognition and stress management strategies to improve motivation, learning and confidence. Bradley is one of the leading experts on how schools can use psychological research to improve performance.

His Keynote Speech examines how a better understanding of the workings of the young brain and the challenges a child faces makes parents better able to support them. Bradley guides us through the research and illustrates it with relevant examples, considering questions like:

  • How do we best motivate our children?
  • Why do they sometimes forget the things they have been taught?
  • What are the best strategies to learn new material and remember them?

He will also be offering a workshop in the afternoon about ‘Understanding the Teenage Brain’.

Bradley writes two blogs for ‘The Guardian’ on The Science of Teaching and Learning, and Lessons from Research https://www.theguardian.com/profile/bradley-busch  and is the author of the book “Release Your Inner Drive – Everything you need to know about how to get good at stuff”.  To find out more about his work visit Bradley’s blogs on his website:

Other Parent Workshops available over the weekend include:

  • Anxiety in HLP Children Andrea Anguera
  • Anything and Everything about Home Education – HLP style Rowan Bendall
  • Complex Problem Solving Julie Taplin
  • Dual or Mulptiple Exceptional Recommendations Andrea Anguera
  • Everything you need to know about fee assisted places at Independent Schools Clare Phillips
  • Getting in Charge of Narrowing Behaviours Simone de Hoogh
  • Helping Your Child Regulate Emotional Reactions Simone de Hoogh
  • Home Education Nicky and Michael Speranza
  • Learning Through Asynchrony Silvia Newton
  • Parenting a High Learning Potential Child by Caroline Hooton-Picard or Julie Taplin (depending on which session you attend)
  • Project Based Learning Rebecca Howell
  • Theories of High Learning Potential and Intelligence Rebecca Howell
  • Turning Around Argumentative Talk Simone de Hoogh
  • Understanding the Teenage Brain Bradley Busch

Full details of the weekend in Peterborough, including timings of the days and prices, are available at https://pplusuk.eventhq.co.uk/big-family-weekend-2018. Discounts are available for Family Members, who may also be eligible to apply for the Scholarship Fund to help them to access the BIG Family Weekend.