The Mansion House, Bletchley Park - with a 3d figure moving Potential Plus UK boxes on a porter's trolley

We are delighted to announce that we are moving on July 1st to The Mansion at Bletchley Park – home of the Codebreakers.

We believe that children and young adults of all ages should be given the best chance to succeed in life and fulfil their potential.  Since 1967 Potential Plus UK (formerly National Association for Gifted Children) has helped children and young adults with high learning potential (also known as gifted and talented or more/most able) to develop and grow. We have enabled them to fulfil their potential to the best of their capabilities and bridged the gap for families, schools and professionals, to help them to understand how to support these children and young adults through their learning journey.

We are hugely excited about our move to Bletchley Park. This will be a fantastic and inspirational place for us to work – the home of challenge and enigma. We already work together on events with the Learning Team at Bletchley Park but this opens up more opportunities to work in partnership with them and also with the National Museum of Computing  and other organisations located on the same site.

From 1 July 2019 our address will be……
Room 5 The Mansion
Bletchley Park
Sherwood Drive
Milton Keynes
Our main telephone line for enquiries remains 01908 646433.

To enable us to move we are closing the office on Friday 28th June, Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July, but aim to be fully functioning again by 9am on Wednesday 3 July.

During the last week we have posted some fun teasers on social media which you can see in our header about where we might be moving to – from the Parthenon to Buckingham Palace and Hogwarts.

In 1942 a cryptic crossword was used to help recruit people to work at Bletchley Park. You can find the crossword in the article: The Cryptic Crossword that Recruited for Bletchley Park  We thought – what better way to announce our new home than through puzzles?  Yesterday we published 3 puzzles which gave you the answer.

Many thanks to Tom Briggs and the Learning Team at Bletchley Park for the Cipher; our Ambassador, Bobby Seagull for the Puzzle; and the photo puzzle was home grown by our Chief Executive, Julie Taplin.

For those who want to check their answers see below:


Thank you to Tom Briggs and the Learning Department at Bletchley Park for designing this cipher for us.


Cryptic clue: Caes(ar) the day! Plenty of “t” is required

Simple clue: The most common letter in this message is “t”. A famous Roman leader would know what to do!




Puzzle by Bobby Seagull

Thank you to our Ambassador Bobby Seagull for providing us with this puzzle – compiled between takes of his new Monkman and Seagull series!

To solve this puzzle work out the answers to the following clues. The first letter to each answer will then give you a letter than will contribute towards a phrase which is also an anagram. Your final task is to unscramble this anagram to work out two words which are relevant to us!

1a. The European capital city where composer George Gershwin has an American in
1b. The social science that studies the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.
1c. The surname of the author whose main character lived in the “Cupboard under the stairs”
1d.  The fictional native homeland of Superman

2a. Word meaning an open-roofed entrance hall or each of the two upper cavities of the heart
2b. The Shakespearean King whose three daughters were Goneril, Regan and Cordelia
2c.  The periodic table element that is written symbolically as Pb

3a. The country whose capital is Dhaka
3b. A friendlier name for the Abominable Snowman

4a. The astrological star sign which is Latin for “bull”.
4b. The moon of Jupiter that is said be mostly solid water is and is the smoothest surface of any solid object in our Solar System
4c. The Latin word for the collarbone
4d. Diamond, Club, Spade and what is missing?


1a. Paris  
1b. Economics
1c. Rowling
1d. Krypton

2a. Atrium
2b. Lear
2c. Lead

3a. Bangladesh
3b. Yeti

4a. Taurus
4b. Europa
4c. Clavicle
4d. Heart

Write these out gets you PERK ALL BY TECH
If you rearrange this, you get BLETCHLEY PARK!

Photo Puzzle

Rearrange the first letter of each city to find out where Potential Plus UK is moving to…

On the move picture puzzle

Picture Puzzle


Berlin; London; Edinburgh; Tokyo; Copenhagen; Helsinki; London; Edinburgh; York; Pisa; Athens; Rome; Kuala Lumpur