Teach to the Top: Aiming High for Every Learner by Megan Mansworth

A research-informed guide to aspirational teaching, focusing on how embedding higher-level knowledge in the classroom empowers students to succeed and to enjoy learning.

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Questioning existing orthodoxies around ability, this book sets out a vision for an education system in which pupils of all attainment levels are enabled to make fantastic progress by being exposed to sophisticated concepts, and afforded opportunities to think deeply and grapple with stimulating ideas. It offers justification for the entitlement of every child to higher-level knowledge, alongside providing teachers with a range of practical suggestions and questions for reflection to enable the application of this philosophy to their own classrooms.

Topics include embedding advanced knowledge in curriculum planning, approaches to challenging classroom talk, the fundamental importance of increasing learners’ confidence, the dangers of differentiation and grade-focused feedback, and the value of an adaptable approach to planning.

Publisher: ‎ John Catt Educational Ltd (2021) ISBN 1913622754

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