The Bright Stuff: Playful Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Extraordinary Mind by C.J. Simister

Nurture your child’s extraordinary mind through playful ways, developing crucial qualities like curiosity, independent thinking, initiative, individuality and perseverance with fun ways that fit around your everyday family life with little or no preparation.

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Qualities such as curiosity, independent thinking, perseverance, determination, individuality and a willingness to weigh up risks and solve problems are as important to success as the information that they learn at school.

Child education expert C J Simister takes one secret of success at a time and offers a treasure trove of imaginative, playful and above all fun activities, games and exercises that you can use to preserve, nurture and enhance your child’s extraordinary potential, making sure it does not remain untapped.

All are designed to fit in with everyday family life, involving little or no preparation. Appealing to a wide range of ages, they are ideal for keeping children amused in spare moments ― over a meal, in the car, even when stuck in the queue at the supermarket.  And while they are enjoying themselves, your children will be developing crucial qualities such as initiative, alertness and an investigative spirit.  They will also be learning to form innovative ideas, to discern sense from nonsense and to use failure as a useful springboard for progres

Publisher: ‎ Pearson Life; 1st edition (2009) ISBN 0273728172

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