Social, Emotional, and Psychosocial Development of Gifted and Talented Individuals by Anne Rinn

Based on work by leaders in the field of gifted education, this book offers an in-depth view of the social, emotional, and psychosocial development of children and young people with high learning potential.

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Topics this book covers include developmental trajectories, personality development, social and emotional development, perfectionism, sensory sensitivity, emotional intensity, self-beliefs, motivation, systems perspective, psychosocial interventions, and counselling and mental health. It is framed around four broad questions: What is development? Are gifted individuals qualitatively different from others? Which psychosocial skills are necessary in the development of talent? and What effect does the environment have on the development of talent?

Publisher: Routledge; 1st edition (15 Aug. 2020) ISBN: 1646320042

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