Nobody’s Perfect: A Story for Children About Perfectionism by Ellen Flannagan Burns

Sally Sanders is a perfectionist—if she can’t be the best, she feels like a failure. Sally procrastinates, shies away from new things, and constantly compares herself to others, convinced she’s not good enough. With the help of her teachers and mother, Sally learns how to relax and try new things without worrying so much about being the best. She can just be herself, and that is all she needs.

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Jill walked over and stood next to Sally. She played right before Sally in the recital. “I liked your pieces,” Jill said.
Sally said, “But I messed up on the second one. It sounded really bad.”
“Oh, I didn’t notice,” Jill said. She shrugged, “I made a couple of mistakes too. It’s no big deal”. Sally thought Jill was just trying to be nice. She couldn’t remember Jill ever making a mistake when she played. In fact, she made it look so easy all the time. After another sip of punch and a chocolate chip cookie, Sally was ready to leave. She wasn’t in a very good mood and most of all she didn’t want to face Mrs. Pratt. Sally felt like she had let her down.

Recommended Age: 6-10

Publisher: ‎ Magination Press (15 Aug. 2008) Kindle Edition (3 Dec. 2021)


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