Terms & Conditions of Sale – November 2021

1. Potential Plus UK

Potential Plus UK is an educational charity that supports parents/carers, educators and other professionals to understand and meet the educational and wellbeing needs of young people with high learning potential up to the age of 18. To achieve this, the charity provides a wide range of services, products and events.

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions of Sale of these services, products and events, that the service user or customer is entering into with Potential Plus UK (the operating name of the National Association for Gifted Children).

2. Services ordered at home

These are services ordered and paid for via the charity’s websites https://potentialplusuk.org and https://community.potentialplusuk.org, and include, but are not limited to, advisory sheets, activity packs, membership, advisory calls, educational assessments, professional learning webinars and events (online and face-to-face).

Cancellations and refunds for services

  • In the event that the charity is unable to provide the service, the service user will receive a full refund or an alternative booking.
  • The service user can cancel a service within 14 days of payment without charge, except where the service starts immediately, or is due to be delivered within this time frame, or where the charity has incurred costs. In these cases the service user may be charged a booking fee or up to 100% of the service fee, if the charity has incurred costs or any part of the service has been used.
  • If the service user cancels after 14 days from payment, the service user may be charged for any part of the service that has been used or up to 100% of the service fee (typically 20% or more) to cover costs incurred by the charity.
  • Service users should contact the charity in writing to cancel a service and request a refund.
  • No refunds will be due for missed services on the part of the service user or for cancellations after the service delivery date.
  • Refunds for service user cancellations of events will only be provided where the charity has reached and can maintain minimum feasible numbers or is able to re-sell the ticket (not guaranteed).
  • Where Potential Plus UK collaborates on events with external companies, charities and organisations, additional Terms and Conditions may apply. Cancellation and refund details will be specified in the details for each individual event.

2.1 Service specific terms and conditions

Assessment Service

  • Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for each Assessment.
  • Requests for reasonable adjustments to any assessment report must be made in writing as a matter of urgency within 48 hours of receipt of the report, delineating which aspects of the report you consider inaccurate and in need of adjustment. Potential Plus UK will investigate the request on a case-by-case basis in order to assess what reasonable adjustments might be feasible.

Professional Learning

  • The licence for each Webinar-on-Demand is for the purchasing school only and login details must not be shared outside the school. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions would be a serious breach of trust.
  • The licence is for 12 months from date of payment.
  • An academy trust or group of schools wishing to share a Webinar-on-Demand more widely, must contact the charity in writing to discuss an appropriate additional payment.

3. Goods ordered at home

These are goods ordered and paid for via its websites https://potentialplusuk.org and https://community.potentialplusuk.org, and goods include, but are not limited to, key rings, pin badges, wrist bands and books.

Refunds for goods

  • In most cases the customer has up to 14 days within which to change their mind and receive a full refund on return of the goods (return postage is at the customer’s cost).
  • The customer has up to 30 days from payment to request a refund if the goods are not deemed to be satisfactory for their expected lifespan.
  • Customers should contact the charity in writing within the designated period to the contact details below with the reason for a refund request.
  • Returned goods must be returned in the same condition as they are received.

4. Payment of refunds

  • Refunds must be requested in writing by the purchaser or member account holder (the email address used must be linked to the purchase record or membership account).
  • All refunds are made on to the same card or account that made the purchase.

5. Statutory rights

Your statutory rights are not affected by these Terms and Conditions.

6. Potential Plus UK contact details

Please use the following contact details.

By email  amazing.children@potentialplusuk.org

By post    
Potential Plus UK,
The Open University,
Vaughan Harley Building Ground Floor,
Walton Hall,
Milton Keynes
MK7 6AA.

For refunds, please put ‘Refund Request’ in the subject box or heading.

If you have any queries about these Terms and Conditions, please mark your correspondence for the attention of the Chief Executive.

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