Raisin’ Brains: Surviving My Smart Family by Karen Isaacson

“I had no idea what “gifted and talented” meant. But I was soon to learn. I was hit in the face with it when my firstborn was nine months old.” Humorous and insightful stories about life with an eclectically gifted and creative family!

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I hoped to give the readers some insight as to what the term “gifted” really means. It’s an often-misunderstood term. I mean, sure, technically it implies that a person displays exceptional potential in a given area. But what does it mean in real, everyday life? The short answer to that question is a sinister laugh, “Buwahahaha!”. The long answer is at least partially attempted in this book.“

Publisher: Gifted Unlimited, LLC (16 Dec. 2019) ISBN 0910707545


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