Life with Gifted Children: Infinity and Zebra Stripes by Wendy Skinner

When her seven-year-old son showed his understanding of the concept of infinity while talking about how zebras all have their own unique patterns of stripes, Wendy Skinner knew that he was going to need something more stimulating than the regular school programme —her son’s gifted intellect and advanced talents were going to be a challenge. This book shares the family’s story of working with the education system.

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Wendy Skinner shares her family’s story of struggle and eventual success in working with the school system, trying out various educational options to meet her children’s needs. Enlightening anecdotes of the author’s experiences and discussions of a variety of educational approaches help parents to discover effective strategies for minimising parent-school conflict. Learn how to build trusting relationships with teachers and administrators, as well as how your voice can influence school decisions that will allow your gifted child to learn and thrive.

Publisher: ‎ Great Potential Press; 1st edition (1 July 2007)

Kindle Edition: Publisher: ‎ Gifted Unlimited (1 July 2020)



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