Being Me: Isn’t it Time Someone Heard Your Story? by Kidscape and Potential Plus UK


Gifted children come in all shapes and sizes, and from all social and cultural backgrounds. More than anything they want to fit in with their peers and to stop being singled out as the clever one or the geek or the oddball or the one who doesn’t make friends easily.

This free to download Being Me booklet was published by Kidscape in collaboration with Potential Plus UK and has been written to help support children with high learning potential to flourish in school. It highlights the misunderstandings and bullying that can take place for children who are different because of their ability.


It’s easy to think that clever children are going to sail through school without facing many problems. However, for some children and young people that couldn’t be further from the truth. Labelled as ‘geeks’, ‘clever clogs’, ‘teacher’s pet’, ‘swot’ or worse and being bullied on a daily basis can make the lives of these children with high learning potential absolutely miserable.” Jeff Forshaw, author and Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Publisher: Kidscape in Association with Potential Plus UK (October 2014)

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