The Current State of Provision for Learners with DME


This report from 2022 considers the provision that exists for learners with dual or multiple exceptionality (DME) – learners who have both special education needs or disabilities and high learning potential – through the experiences of parents, carers, educators and service providers.  This research was jointly commissioned by Potential Plus UK and nasen in association together as The DME Trust.


This report found that many learners with DME remain unidentified and unsupported by the education system, which has devastating consequences for those learners, many of whom disengage from learning and suffer with mental health issues. The lack of identification and support can lead to some learners with DME electing for home education or being squeezed out of the school system in the form of school refusal and exclusion.

This report makes recommendations about improving the outcomes and wellbeing of learners with DME. The recommendations include: considering the needs of young people with DME at a national level; raising awareness and understanding of DME; developing resources to increase understanding and improve collaboration between stakeholders.

Report Writers: Amy Bonsall and Brian Desmond
Publisher: The DME Trust (February 2022) – Potential Plus UK in association with nasen


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