It’s Alright to Be Bright 2015 – What’s Out There?


This free “It’s Alright to Be Bright” Campaign booklet from 2015, contains 4 activities/lesson plans that offer challenge using the theme of “What’s Out There?”.  Activities are labelled for KS1-4.



The “It’s Alright to Be Bright” campaigns took place between 2008-2015, providing a range of activities designed for classes, whole years, schools, clubs or for use within the family. The aim was to include everyone and show that every child has something they’re good at… but also to help highlight that children with high learning potential often learn in different ways, and may require additional forms of stretch and challenge.

Please Note: the KS1 Alien Life Data Collection Sheet to print out is now available at Data Collection Sheet not the link on the booklet.




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